The Jabberwocks Stand With Lena

The Jabberwocks stand with Lena Sclove and all those who question Brown University’s treatment of sexual assault. As a student group, we are disappointed with Brown’s policies as well as the University’s failure to advocate for students. Survivors of sexual assault should be able pursue their educations without being forced to share a campus with their attackers, and victims of sexual assault should not feel doubly victimized by a process which should give them justice and security. In the hopes that the administration will enact policies that can make survivors of sexual assault feel safe and supported in this community, the Jabberwocks unilaterally endorse the Petition to Re-Imagine and Re-constitute Brown University’s Sexual Assault Policy, released today by Brown Imagine Rape 0.


Furthermore, as a student group that has hosted student parties on campus, we are aware that we can reduce the risk of sexual assault by creating safe environments and becoming conscious bystanders. The Jabberwocks have decided to participate in a workshop organized by the Sexual Assault Peer Educators. Though education cannot necessarily remove malicious rapists from the world, we hope to become able to recognize and intervene in situations that might otherwise lead to sexual assault. While it is important that Brown’s administration justly handle sexual assault cases after the fact, we as a community have a responsibility to prevent them from happening in the first place.


#imaginerape0 #StandWithLena

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